commit to be fit

If you find it hard to accomplish your fitness goals, your strength training has reached a plateau, or you are training for an upcoming sporting event, Commit to Be Fit may be the program you need.

Commit to Be Fit is a unique four-week program customized for you by a certified personal trainer. The program consists of three 60-minute strength training sessions and two 60-minute cardio sessions with your personal trainer each week, increasing your focus and level of success.

For more information, or to sign up at any time, contact Kristina Wrezel at (847) 535-7038 or


Martha Stride
Lake Forest Health & Fitness Center Member
Commit to Be Fit Client

Commit to Be Fit is a great and effective way to jumpstart your health and fitness goals. Jennie Mueller helped me to believe in myself and challenged me daily beyond anything I ever thought I could do. I improved my mile time by over four minutes and feel so much better about who I am and how I look. I’ve done things I never thought possible and am inspired by Jennie always.”

             Martha before Martha after

Colleen Acasio
Lake Forest Health & Fitness Club Member
Commit To Be Fit Client

“Getting healthy is about finding the right balance between exercise, diet and motivation—but motivation has to come from within you. After winning Lose to Win in March 2011, I lost focus of my own goals. My workouts and eating became inconsistent, and then frustration set in.

My trainer Aaron Santos mentioned Commit to Be Fit to me. I completely trusted Aaron’s experience and knowledge and went for it. This program recommitted me to my goals and showed me through dedication and hard work, you get results.

I am a true believer after seeing the results I have achieved in such a short period of time!"

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