Fitness Tips

Fall Back into Fitness

by Amy Kessler, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

Fall is a great time to get back into your fitness routine. Work, school and social routines get back on track—and with a little effort, so will your work-out schedule!

Research shows that forming a fitness habit is more beneficial than a sporadic exercise routine. Below are some tips to help you find your way:

  1. Exercise the same time of day so it becomes a regular part of your lifestyle. For example, you might walk every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from 12 to 1 p.m.
  2. Plan your week in advance. Look ahead at your commitments and make sure you schedule time to exercise multiple times each week.
  3. Try a new class or new exercise once a week. It will give you something different to look forward to while providing a good challenge for your exercise routine.
  4. Grab a friend and sign up for a fitness event (5K race, stair climb or bike race). It will help keep you on track as you stay motivated for your event.
  5. Reward yourself when you reach milestones. Splurge on new gym shoes, a new pair of running shorts or a workout outfit.
  6. Plan a weekend getaway based around activity, such as an organized walk/run, exploring new hiking trails or riding a scenic bike path.
  7. Pack your workout clothes when you travel for business! Check out the hotels to make sure they have a fitness center. Most concierge services can provide walking/running routes (make sure they are safe) or alternate workout facility ideas.
  8. HAVE FUN! New exercise routines can be challenging and hard, but add a little fun and you will stick to the plan!

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