Pilates Tip of the Month

Pilates for Cross-Training

Pilates can be used as a primary mode of exercise, or it can be used to supplement an already existing exercise program to increase strength, flexibility and stability. Using multiple modes of exercise, also known as cross-training, can help improve individual physical performance.

Pilates is an ideal choice for cross-training, as it strengthens the major muscle groups and decreases the risk of overuse injury. The increase in core strength resulting from Pilates helps improve posture and joint flexibility. These gains equate to better performance during a variety of activities, from athletics to everyday tasks.

For more information about our Pilates classes, contact Deb Valenti, Pilates Coordinator, at (847) 535-7117 or dvalenti@nm.org to schedule an appointment with one of our instructors.

Source: Mindful Movement Center

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